Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Exam Hell

Most of us have to take exams at some point in our life.  A few people enjoy it..

We don’t need muppets setting questions that are not just “impossible”, but truly impossible.

A fundamental gaff hit the headlines last week but how many times does it happen?  How many more cock-ups happen at the start or the end of the process?

Distrust and lack of integrity in the system is on the up.  Reliance upon it has fallen.

Through a couple more generations we shall create a new breed of “examiners” that probably struggle to devise a question, even if they can string enough words together.

There will be no accurate measurement of ability.  How will employers recruit?  Probably just on the basis of who talks a good job.

Many of those will be making it up.  They will probably make up a few more things when they get in and others will follow.

So it spirals. 

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