Monday, 6 June 2011


Last Friday I had to inform an employment tribunal of the need to adjourn a telephone hearing later that day. We sent our letter by e-mail which is the usual medium now. 

It came back with the report that the Tribunal’s mailbox was full.

We tried telephoning but nobody answered. 

Fortunately we had the option of fax left, so we used that.

As a matter of courtesy and caution we still made repeated efforts to get through on the telephone to check that the fax had been received.  After an hour or more of trying my secretary did make contact with somebody who said that it hadn’t appeared at their end.

The explanation was that the fax machine had run out of paper more than an hour earlier, but nobody had noticed...

One short example.This is typical of our justice system today. 

Cocooned in its overloaded world.

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