Monday, 20 June 2011

Cutting edge courts..

One of our local courts, as others, now accepts filing of documents by e-mail. Hurrah!

Well – in principle, at least.

So we e-mailed a formal reply to a defence last week but the court staff were seemingly not empowered to open the attachments.  Everyone else, almost without exception, to whom we send documents in PDF format seems to have no difficulty with Adobe Reader –described as “the global standard for reliably viewing printing...”

One recipient did recently but they were using the comparatively ancient Version 7.  Adobe X is free to download and takes minutes to do so.

(What puzzles me is why the court staff confirmed that they were able to open another document that was sent by separate e-mail in exactly the same format.)

But the simple answer when you have the technology is to convert to good old JPG which even someone still running Windows 2.1 would be able to open…

….yep – you’ve guessed it!

So we’ll use the fax.

No we won’t – because the court office does not have one any more, where e-mail filing is “enabled”. 

The march of technology – awesome isn’t it?

We were told we shall have to send it by post.  Right…

…maybe we should use “Special Delivery” courtesy of the Royal Mail (see last Wednesday’s post)??

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