Friday, 30 December 2011

Money down the drain awards 2011

The Treasury Solicitor's office has led the pack this year for wasting public funds sending communications by every conceivable medium but there's a late entry from the Independent Safeguarding Authority, or ISA.

Last Friday we had by e-mail copy of an application to an employment tribunal for an order extending time for compliance (that's another story) with a non-party disclosure order. Happy with that. Hats off to Exeter ET incidentally for the speed and efficiency of dealing with it - administratively and judicially.

We also had the letter and enclosures from the ISA by fax. Well, OK, it was urgent I suppose.

This morning my practice manager has been to the sorting office to collect a recorded delivery Signed for secure envelope that couldn't be delivered whilst we were closed over Christmas. I open it to find the same pages that I've already had by e-mail and fax - sent to me after the event.

Both sides knew it was all done and dusted because the ET e-mailed us an order (and as far as I can see, didn't waste time and money posting a copy).

As I've said before it's the tip of an iceberg. As a nation we'd probably save significant time and money if someone would encourage some departures from "the way we've always done it".