Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Claims theft

Yesterday I received nineteen identical copies of an e-mail from a claims management company.

The cheerful message - entirely out of the blue - vaunted my free listing on the website.

Not just that – I may add further details, update and improve my profile and it will still not cost me anything!  I can even send them a description of my firm and its specialities, which they will upload.

The message closes with “if you have any questions or are looking for personal claim (sic) referrals, please also feel free to get in touch”

Oh, and the customary “Kind regards” from “The Team” none of whom I know from Adam.

Miserable bastard aren’t I? A bit of free advertising and that’s my attitude to it.  Bah humbug.

So, how many more of you have had this sort of gift and stopped to think why such generosity? 

Well it’s simple and really quite annoying when you think about it.

If you spend enough time and effort, enhanced with some real attempts at search engine optimisation, you will get your firm’s name up the listings.  The more focussed the search, the more likely that the majority or all of your listings appear at the top of the Google list.

So your free listing on this site will generate a hit and maybe the person who is looking for a personal injury lawyer will follow the link to this site.  Maybe they will get in touch with details of their claim.

Where will the business go then?  Remember, you have decided that you will just enjoy the free publicity and not pay referral fees.

If you have not thought this through before, think about it now and just consider how many “free listings” you have.  Take active steps to get them removed and write to the Ministry of Justice Claims Management Unit at