Thursday, 23 May 2013


A classic display in the post yesterday of what insurers euphemistically term “efficiency”.

Proceedings just issued in a road traffic claim. First defendant is the driver and the second defendant his insurer, directly liable under the European Communities (Rights Against Insurers) Regulations 2002. It’s a fairly common scenario.

The court sends copy of the claim form and the particulars of claim to the insurers who post them to us demanding more information before they can process it.

First is the date of the accident. Well, that will be the date that appears half way down the front page of the claim form and at paragraph 1 of the particulars of claim – immediately following the phrase “road traffic accident on..”

Next, they need their insured’s name and address.  He’s probably the chap named as first defendant who, as paragraph 3.2 of the particulars explains, was insured to drive by you.

The insured’s vehicle registration number?  Er, that’s also at paragraph 3.2, just ahead of the explanation that you’re the first defendant’s insurers...

They'd like our client’s name and address. Hmm. We are fairly obviously the claimant’s solicitors so this guy may well be the claimant whose name and address appears at the very top of the front page of the claim form?

They also want our client’s vehicle registration number.  That will be the one recited at paragraph 3.1 of the particulars of claim. 

Take note, you claimant solicitors.  If you could be anywhere near this efficient, you would be able to deal with claims at a fraction of the inflated costs that you presently command.

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