Sunday, 12 August 2012

Rule Britannia

It wasn’t looking great two or three weeks ago.

Summer floods, a result of seemingly endless rain and the economy still in a coma after five years. Then came the humiliation of the Leveson enquiry and further disgrace for London’s institutions with the antics of the repulsive Bob the Banker and friends.

As the world’s media readied itself the MoD fought in the courts with the ‘not on my flat roof’ brigade, G4S appeared about to screw up security and the doubts continued about the worth of our investment in this event.

Painful memories have slipped away during the last fortnight as we’ve witnessed something truly spectacular right from the opening ceremony. It has been a feast worthy of Sebastian Coe’s description of what “brings together the people of the world in harmony and in friendship and peace to celebrate what is best about mankind.”

Sport transcends all boundaries. London 2012 has been another big win. So much has been so good.

Team GB takes bronze in the overall medals table with a haul of 65 including 29 golds, the best performance ever and way beyond hopes and expectations.

All this happened (primarily) within an enviable environment amidst exemplary organization and management. Unless I’ve missed something, it’s been smooth and slick from start to finish.

Lord Coe promised “In the next two weeks we will show all that has made London one of the greatest cities in the world, the only city to have welcomed the games three times. Each time we have done it the world faced turbulence and trouble and each time the games have been a triumph.”

Well, it did and they were and we have. We owe thanks to all those involved for putting the “Great" back into Britain. I feel proud again.

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