Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Panel games

We needed to send a written reply, this morning, to one of the offices of a leading national law firm.

We looked for an e-mail address but there was none on the letter we received – by post, inevitably, in the case of this particular firm.

Curious thing is, there is no postal address either.

And no fax number.

Plainly these guys think that the rest of the world should take the trouble of finding their contact details.

Actually, there was one potentially helpful piece of information at the end of the letter - a direct dial number, with the name of the correspondent.  We gave him a call.

Voicemail message informed us that he is on holiday...until 26 June. Yes, that’s a week ago.

So, this is how things should be done?

Some of the less co-operative legal expenses insurers (BTE) will tell you that one of the reasons for refusing to instruct anybody but their “panel lawyers” is that these are approved and audited legal suppliers delivering a superior service.


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