Saturday, 28 January 2012

Yes, the office is still there

“Is the office still there?” – my wife used to ask, ironically, the day (or evening) after a holiday when I returned home after checking the post mountain.

Why? Because I’d spent the fortnight before we went away flaying myself in an effort to push every visible and anticipated plate so far up into the clouds that it wouldn’t come down before I got back.

One (plate) - at least - always did, of course. In hindsight, it was inevitable.

What do I do now?

I get up to date, without killing myself, and accept that there will be daily traffic that I monitor and manage remotely every day, not every minute.

Mobile technology empowers me to see what is happening and ignore, steer or (if I really must) seize control of it wherever I am.

Phone, text, e-mail – WAP or laptop – enables whatever level of response is required.

Result? No stress before the holiday, because it’s never too late to deal. No stress during the holiday because it’s under control. No stress after the holiday because it’s all up to date.

Sure, you never switch off completely but does any professional business owner ever?

Proof is, my family happily accept that Dad may spend 10 minutes here and there directing operations back at base but is then, and for all the holiday, a happy bunny.

Yes, my sweet, the office is still there - and we’re still here and all is good.