Friday, 2 September 2011

Insurance matters... the title of a visually attractive “free professional indemnity insurance guide from The Law Society” that reached me today, 2 September 2011.

The trigger for this fifteen-page feature is obviously the approaching single renewal date as it is known for solicitors’ professional indemnity insurance cover - 1 October 2011.

I flicked through to see typical warnings from brokers about, amongst other things, “timely proposal forms”.  One article I glanced through was a little thin on guidance but clear enough that sending a form in within four weeks of the renewal date (i.e. later than, 2 September) wouldn’t be good enough.

There might be lots of good stuff in this publication which I shall want to read, notwithstanding that I sent off my proposals to brokers last month.  To the extent, though, that this is trying to get the message across to solicitors to crack on with it well ahead of 1 October, why does it land on the mat as late as 2 September?

Further scrutiny reveals only that this is “Issue No 6, August 2011”.  The well-wishing forward from the Chief Executive, Desmond Hudson, informs that “a dedicated PII Helpline will be open from 23 August 2011”.

So what is the explanation?  Has it only just been printed - or was it just sitting around in a post room?  My copy didn’t look as if it had been places on the way.  

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