Saturday, 7 May 2011

Money down the drain

It seems the failure of HM Revenue & Customs to issue notices of new tax coding in Form P6(T) is widespread. We are not the only employers in our area who had to telephone the tax office before the end of April and obtain new codes verbally, to be confirmed. Now the P6 notices are filtering through.

I had five in the post on the same day - in three separate envelopes.  Why not one?

How many hundreds, thousands maybe of pounds are wasted because HMR&C cannot deploy systems and technology to batch print and post all the notices that are due simultaneously to go to the same employer at the same address?

Why aren’t they e-mailed, anyway? 

Simple things, easy balls - probably the tip of an iceberg.

What is the point of collecting taxes to be wasted by this sort of inefficiency? 

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